Sri Vittal Rakhumai Mandir attached to Dahisar Sri Kashi Math is situated in Dahisar ( E), a northern most western suburb of Greater Mumbai. This Mandir and Dahisar Sri Kashi Math are in the same building, a gigantic four storey structure. The Mandir is on the first floor of this magnificent edifice with a height of 120 feet Gopuram , highest in Maharashtra and an additional 10 feet golden Kalasha atop. The entire structure is an embodiment of ancient culture, tradition and a marvel of modern architechture. The Math was inaugurated on 22nd May 2003 while the Mandir on 25th May 2003 by Param Poojya Shrimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swami, the then Mathadhipati of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan, Varanasi and Shrimad Samyamindra Tirtha Swami the present Mathadhipati. Of late, the terrace floor has been added with all weather proof shade.

The main deities of the Mandir are Sri Vittal Rakhumai as the very name with which the Mandir is called. As Lord Vittal Rakhumai are the principal deities of Maharashtra State, Param Poojya Shrimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swami had installed the idols of Sri Vittal Rakhumai and dedicated this Mandir to the entire populace of Mumbai in particular and Maharashtra in general as a token of reciprocation to the people of Mumbai for having extended helping hand to the members of the G S B Community to live a decent life in Mumbai over couple of centuries.
This reflects the broad vision, sense of belonging and gratitude of our Swami to the people of Mumbai and Maharashtra. The life-size monolithic idols of Sri Vittal Rakhumai installed in the Mandir were carved out of black stone ( granite) by sculptor, Shri Ranjal Radha Madhav Shenoy, grandson of Padmashree late Ranjal Gopala Shenoy, Karkala ( erstwhile South Kanara Dist., Karnataka), a world renowned sculptor.

It is very pertinent to mention here that two small idols of Shri Vittal Rakumai in Pancha Loha ( five metals ie gold, silver, brass, bronze and copper) were presented to param Poojya Sudhindra Tirtha Swami by the trustee of Sri Vittal Rakhumai Temple of Pandarpur, Maharashtra when our Swami visited that Temple in April 2007. These metal idols were provided with Prabhavali ( back side support) and peeta ( pedestal) and were placed ideally between the big granite idols of Sri Vittal Rakhumai.

Since then these metal idols are being treated as Utsava Moorties and are being offered Trikala Pooja every day with proper decoration of flowers etc like the big idols of the Mandir. Since 2013 these Utsava Moorties are taken in procession ceremoniously in beautifully decorated palanquin during certain important religious celebrations like Uthan Dwadashi, Kartik Poornima, Vaishaka Poornima, Mrigabete Utsava ( on the fourth day of Rathotsava celebration) and on Avabhrat ( okkuli snan ie, bathing in coloured water) utsav. These moorthies are also worshipped for vasanta Pooja seated on the vasanta Mandap inside Mandir for 45 days during the Vasanta Ritu (from Chaitra Shukla Pratipada to Vaishakha Poornima) of every year of Hindu Calender.

However, the most important day on which these Utsava Moorthies become cynosure of thousands of people is on the Ratharohana day ie on the fifth day of Brahma Rathotsava being celebrated by the Mandir since 2013, when beautifully decorated Utsava Moorties gracefully occupy the centre seat of the gigantic 41 feet Brahma Ratha and go in procession on this Ratha called Ratha Yatra giving blissful darshan ( appearance) to thousands of devotees congregated during this function and also those who climb Rath and offer the Lord Aarti, fruits etc. and pray for their wellbeing. Only males, irrespective of any castes or creeds , can have the darshan of the Lord on the Rath and offer Aarti fruits etc.

Regular religious and cultural celebrations in the Mandir.

Apart from Trikala Poojas, Deepa Namaskar, tender coconut Abhishek etc being performed every day and Ksheerabhishek on every Wednesday by learned Vaidiks, certain other important religious and cultural functions performed in the Mandir are as under:-

Sr. No. Festival / Function Tithi
1 Gudi Padva Punchang Vachan Chaitra Shukla Pratipada
2 Vasant Masa Chaitra Shukla Pratipada
    Vaishakh Shukla Poornima
3 HH Shrimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji Janmadiwas  
4 Vaishakh Shukla Purnima Palanki Utsav
5 Pratistha Varadhanti Utsav Vaishakh Krishna Dashami
6 Adhik Masa  
  Laksha Pradikshina  
  Ekka Bhajan Adhik Ashadha Shukla Ekadashi
  Kumkumarchan Adhik Ashadh Sankastha Chathurthi
  Laksha Tulsi Archana Adhik Ashadh Krishna Ekadashi
7 Nija Ashadhi Ekadashi Nija Ashadhi Shulka Ekadashi
8 Vara Mahalakshmi Vrata Shravan Shukla Triyodashi / Chaturdashi
9 Righupakarma (Sutta Punav) Shravan Shukla Triyodashi / Chaturdashi
10 Sri Krishna Janmasthami Tulsidal arpan at 9.00pm onwards.
11 Tailya Abhyanga Snan Ashwin Krishna Chaturdashi
12 Kartik Ekadashi Kartik Shukla Ekadashi
13 Uthan Dwadashi & Tulsi Pooja Kartik Shukla Dwadashi
14 Kartik Poornima Kartik Krishna Dwitia
15 Bramha Rathotsav Margashish Shukla Dwitiya to Margashish Shukla Saptami
  Ratharohan Margashish Shukla Shasthi

Further, during Diwali vacation every year full day Aadhyatmik Shibir ( Spiritual camp) for 5 to 7 days is organized for children in the age group of 8-15 years to give some basic knowledge of Hindu customs, tradition, culture, chanting of certain shlokas from our religious books like Shreemad Bhagavadgita, practice in public speech, story telling, art, craft, and above all, about good behavior with parents, elders and friends. A fair idea about our Math Samsthan, Gurus / Swamis, temples etc is given. Sandhyavandana is taught to boys in the Shibir.

In addition, the Mandir makes elaborate arrangements to perform Shree Sathyanarayana Pooja by any Hindu individual inside Mandir.Thus, over a period of about a dozen of years Sri Vittal Rakhumai Mandir has become very popular not only in Mumbai but also other parts of the Country attracting the attention of thousands and thousands of people of various denominations of Hindu Community with the grace of Lord Vittal Rakhumai and blessings of Parama Poojya Swamis of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan. The President and all the Members of the Vyavasthapak Samiti ( Managing Committee ) pray at the altar of Sri Vittal Rakhumai and lotus feet of our Param Poojya Swamis to give strength and vigour to carry forward the noble responsibility entrusted to Samiti Members in the coming years.

Pooja Timings:- (Normal Day Aarti Timings)
Morning - 8.00 am Deep Namaskar - 7.30 pm
Madhyanha Pooja - 12.00 Noon Ratri Pooja - 8.30 pm
Daily Sevas
Aarti Usha pooja
Kumkumarchan Madhyanha pooja
Ganga abhishek Deep namaskar
Tender coconut (except ekadashi) Ratri pooja
Ashthottar seva Prasad vitaran seva
Deeparadhana seva Sri vittal rakhumai bhet
Tulsi haar seva Full day seva
Trikal pooja  
Other sevas offered at mandir
Kshira abhisheka-every wednesday (except ekadashi) at 10.30 a.m.
Sri satyanarayana pooja – as desired by the devotees they may select the timings as morning 9.30 a.m. Ownwards / evening 5.00 p.m. Ownwards.
Vahan pooja (two, three, four wheelers etc) – on any day during mandir timings.
Daily bhajans of various bhajana mandali / institutions before madhyanha pooja & ratri pooja.
Samuhik vishnu sahasranama – every wednesday 6.00 p.m.
Samuhik lalit sahasranama – every friday 6.00 p.m.
Vyasopasana-every saturday 6.00 p.m.
Adhyatmik shibir
Sandhyavandan shibir
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