Shree Kashi Math is one of the two Vaishnava Math of Goud Saraswat Brahmans with its headquarters at Kashi Varanasi ( Benaras), Uttar Pradesh, India. It is an important institution known for religious and cultural revival and social upliftment. The origin of this Math can be traced back to the year 1542 when the first Swami (pontiff) of this Math H H Shrimad Yadavendra Tirtha Swami was initiated in to Sanyas at Kashi by H H Shrimad Vijayendra Tirtha Swami, disciple of H H Shrimad Surendra Tirtha Swami, head of Kumbhakonam Math in Tamil Nadu at the request of the Goud Saraswats of Cochin.

Thereafter, there have been 21 pontiffs ( Swamis) and the twenty-first in the hierarchy is Param Poojya H H Shrimad Samyamindra Tirtha Swami who is the present Mathadhipati of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan Varanasi.These successive Swamis, over a period of nearly 500 years, have guided their followers i.e Goud Saraswat Community on a righteous path of religiosity, love, co-operation and elevated socially and economically disadvantaged people.




The Samsthan functions effectively through 35 independent Math units spread over different parts of the Country, especially, in those places where there is concentration of Goud Saraswat Brahman ( G.S.B) Community members. Dahisar Sri Kashi Math is one of the most important independent units of Math and comparatively of recent origin, being about 13 years old.

Most of these Math units are having their own temples / mandirs attached to them each having its own principal deity for daily worship and Dahisar Sri Kashi Math has Sri Vittal Rakhumai attached to the Math as Sri Vittal Rakhumai is the most revered deity of Maharashtra. However, the principal deity in all the independent Math is Shree Vyas Raghupati as the idols of Shree Vyasa and Shree Raghupati were gifted by H H Shrimad Surendra Tirtha Swami, the head of Kumbhakonam Math to young vatu ( disciple)Shrimad Yadavendra immediately after initiation into Sanyasa in 1542.

Most of the independent Math of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan have adopted their own social activities under the guidance of the Mathadhipatis from time – to time, generally confined to provision of free education subsidized health and medical facilities etc. Some Maths provide freeship / scholarship to needy and deserving students to pursue higher education. Shree Kashi Math Varanasi runs Veda Pathashalas which provide Vaidik knowledge ie procedures, customs and traditions etc to be followed in different types of poojas and important ceremonies like Upanayana / Brahmopadesha, marriage, final rites etc, and various mantras and rituals associated with different types of homas / havans ( sacrifices) so as to prepare young Vaidiks to perform these religious and cultural rites. Some independent Maths run hospitals providing free / subsidized medical facilities as in the case of the Math at Haridwar. Certain Maths run old age homes, orphanges and goshales ( cow rearing centres).

A list of Math units as also other affiliated institutions spread over in different parts of the country is given in annexure.

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