Ground Floor - Annapoorna Sadan
Ground floor-"Annapurna Sadan"this is used as dinning hall for the functions held in shri madhavendra sabhagriha(hall no 1.) on second floor. This ground floor is provided with a kitchen,toilet,bathroom,separate area for washing utensils etc and also a dozen water taps for washing the hands by the dinners. In the right hand side corner of the floor is a small office of decorators who provides utensils,decoration items,chairs,tables etc which are stored in basement of that corner.

On the left side corner of this floor and alongside of the staircase, two elevators are in existence which move upto 4th floor only, on other side of the staircase and the extreme left hand side of this ground floor 2 new elevators loading upto terrace floor are provided. The speciality of this second floor is that small functions for limited duration can be held with the performance of booth Pooja/functions/parties and also for lunch or dinner followed by functions.

Second Floor - Madhavendra Sabhagriha
Sri Madhavendra Sabagriha floor is used as hall(hall no 1.) for performing various functions such as marriages,reception etc and other cultural,religious and social functions. This hall is fully air conditioned with a seating capacity of about 500-550 invitees. There is big ready made stage for holding/performing various rituals etc. On both sides of the stage there is one room each for use by bride and bridegroom parties and or as a security room for parties using the hall. This hall is also provided with toilets and bathroom separately for gents and ladies. The dining facilities for the functions held in this hall are provided on the ground floor-“anna-poona sadan” with a dinning capacity of 500 at a time.

Third Floor - Vyas Mandir
Basically this floor is reserved for swamis of our kashi math samsthan whenever they visit dahisar for a certain functions. As their proposed visits are known well in advance this hall is reserved(blocked) during the year. Baring this during the rest of the period the hall is open to the public/devotees for holding various religious,cultured and social functions as in the case of the hall no 1,as of now this hall is now provided with a.c. but it is going to air conditioned within a couple of months. This hall is provided with two separate rooms on the right hand side of the hall for bride and bridegroom parties. The toilets and bathrooms provided on second floor and fourth floor can be used by people attending functions in this hall no 2.

Parking Space
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