Dahisar Sri Kashi Math is in Dahisar ( E), the northen most western suburb of Greater Mumbai in Maharashtra. This project was conceived by Shrimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swami way back in eighties in the twentieth century on a plot of land at Dahisar ( E) purchased in 1968 which is now popularly known as Sudhindranagar. Though the project could not make much progress in the initial years, the foundation for the project of Math together with a mandir attached to the Math was laid by Param Poojya Swami on 23.3.1992. As a result of dedicated service by scores of sincere and devoted volunteers and financial support from hundreds of philanthrophic members of the G S B Community, Swami’s wish could be translated into a reality in about a decade.


The result of the saga of dedication by devoted team led by Shri Mohandas P Mallya, Chairman of Construction Committee and suitable guidance and co-operation extended by the Community members is the majestic and imposing edifice comprising Dahisar Sri Kashi Math and Sri Vittal Rakhumai Mandir standing tall attracting thousands of devotees and admirers from Mumbai and Maharashtra and also other parts of our country. While the Math was inaugurated on 22.5.2003, the Mandir was inaugurated on 25.3.2003 by H H Shrimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swami and H H Shrimad Samyamindra Tirtha Swami.The total cost ofr the Math Mandir was Rs.6.50 crores.


The entire Math and Mandir is a four-storey structure with a total floor space of 40000 Sq.feet. The Mandir is on the first floor. The fourth floor houses Mata Sharada Nilaya, a repository of artifacts and rare things used and preserved by various Swamis of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan. The third floor named “ Sri Vyas Mandir” is reserved for Swamis whenever they visit Dahisar. Incidentally it may be mentioned that Chaturmasa vrita ( an important religious observance by a Swami by staying at one place continuously for a period of 2 to 4 months every year during rainy season, at the request of devotees in the area) of H H Shrimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swami ( the 20th Pontiff) in khara nama Samvatsara ie in 2011 was observed in Dahisar Sri Kashi Math. Other floors ie stilt, second floor and third floor ( whenever Swamis are not camping at Dahisar) , are used for various types of religious, cultural and social functions and ceremonies by Hindu people sans castes and creeds. As the fourth floor has since been converted as Mata Sharada Nilaya for the last 4 years for display and preservation of artifacts and rare objects of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan, the terrace floor has since been added for being used as and when necessary.


The entire Math Mandir structure has since undergone a facelift with repairs and renovation and provision of additional facilities like providing 2 additional elevators ( lifts), addition of terrace floor with all weather proof cover / shade etc. and airconditioning of 2nd floor with a total cost amounting to nearly Rs.6.00 crores in 2014.Similarly, air conditioning of the 3rd floor would be completed by end of August 2016.



With the grace of Sri Vittal Rakhumai and the blessings of Parama Poojya Shrimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swami and Shrimad Samyamindra Tirtha Swami, Dahisar Sri Kashi Math has been performing certain important educational, medical,social and cultural activities through Sadguru Sudhindra Educational Charitable Trust and Sri Varadendra Medical and Diagnostic Centre, Mata Sharada Nilaya etc. The detailed discriptions on which are given separately under respective heads. In addition to these, certain other projects are proposed to be taken up such as Sri Madhavendra Hospital and Medical Research Centre and Sri Sudhindra Co-op. Housing Society Ltd.


For the last several years Dahisar Sri Kashi Math was facilitating observance of Shree Krishna Janmasthami at Shree Kashi Math Varanasi. However , during the years ie 2015 and 2016 Dahisar Sri Kashi Math has made all arrangements for making proper travel plans including bearing travel expenses, food etc and organizing entire tour ( yatra) to Varanasi and back thereby enabling devotees perform Shree Krishna Janmastami at Varanasi and also offering an opportunity to interested persons and specially senior citizens of our Community. This religious and cultural and social service will continue in future.


Thus Dahisar Sri Kashi Math occupies the premier position among all independent Math units of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan spread all over India, not only in financial terms but also with regard to various religious, cultural, social, educational and medical activities for which it has earned a good name in a very short period of about a decade.



The affairs of the entire Math Mandir are managed efficiently by a Vyavasthapak Samiti ( Managing Committee) Comprising a President office bearers and other members all working as a cohesive unit dedicated at the altar of Sri Vittal Rakhumai and at the lotus feet of Shrimad Samyamindra Tirtha Swami Mathadhipati of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan, Varanasi to achieve the goals as envisioned by H H Shrimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swami. From the very inception, the committee has been functioning under the able Presidentship of Shri Mohandas P Mallya.

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